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Root Canal Treatment is a procedure commonly performed to remove an inflamed or infected dental pulp from the tooth. This procedure will relieve the patient of dental pain and help preserve the function of the tooth.

A tooth with infected pulp will develop severe throbbing pain. If untreated, the pulp will become necrotic and the disease will spread to the tip of the tooth. The tooth will be tender to biting and tapping. Subsequently, a swelling will develop and form an abscess (Fig. 01)

The patient is anaesthetized and the tooth is isolated under a rubber dam. This will ensure sterility of the operating site. The tooth is access from the top to expose the inflamed pulp. The pulp is removed using rotary instrumentation under the aid of surgical microscope (Fig. 02).

The space created is disinfected with irrigants and sealed with gutta percha. Gutta percha is a rubber based material which is inert to the body. The access is sealed with a temporary filling or a permanent core build up (Fig. 03). After the root canal treatment, the infection at the tip of the tooth will resolve and the bone will heal with time (Fig. 04).