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Root Canal Retreatment

A previously root canal treated tooth may become symptomatic. Symptoms may appear as low grade pain, discharging pus or localised swelling. There are multiple causative factors for a failed root canal, such as recurrent caries, blocked canal or crown leakages (Fig. 01). Root canal retreatment can be performed to assist in the removal of the recurrent infection. A successful retreatment will help to prolong the use and the retention of a natural tooth. Retreatment involves the re-engineering of the previous root canal treatment. The existing restoration and filling materials are removed (Fig. 02).

Recurrent infection within the canal space is treated with chemical disinfectants. The cleansed canal space is refilled and the crown is reinstated (Fig. 03). The infection at the tip of the tooth will begin to heal after the completion of the retreatment procedure (Fig. 04).

Are you Experiencing Tooth Pain or Decay even after a Root Canal Procedure?

Although a root canal treatment can last a lifetime, it is possible that your tooth may heal improperly as with any dental or medical procedure. Consult our endodontists if your tooth becomes diseased or painful. With root canal retreatment, your tooth could still be saved.

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*Treatment costs vary depending on the complexity of each case and you will be advised during consultation.