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Cracked Tooth Management

A cracked tooth is commonly associated with pain from biting on the tooth. A normal tooth consists of three layers, the enamel, the dentine and the pulp (Fig. 01). The pulp consists of sensitive nerve endings. The tooth can be cracked by excessive forces placed on it. This can be attributed to eating hard food, grinding or clenching of the teeth. A crack that extends to the base of the crown can be treated with root canal treatment and a crown. A crack that extends to the root is deemed to have poor prognosis and may need to be extracted (Fig. 02).

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, our team of experienced endodontists can help:

Aching Jaw
Tooth Pain
Cracked Tooth
Dental pain
Fractured Tooth
Swollen Gums

What would happen if a cracked tooth is left untreated?

Over time, an untreated cracked tooth will worsen progressively, resulting in an infection of the tooth pulp. This is why early diagnosis and treatment is essential in saving your tooth.

Can my Pulp be Damaged even if there are no Visible Cracks or Chips on my Tooth?

Yes, pulp damage may be caused by a tooth injury even without any visible signs of damage (tooth crack or chip).

What happens if Pulp Inflammation or Infection is left untreated?

An abscess could form or you could feel pain in your tooth. This pain could get worse the longer it goes untreated. In some cases, even drinking water can be painful. 

Are you Experiencing a Chipped or Cracked Tooth, or any Form of Dental Pain?

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